Welcome to Bonsai Kidz Playschool

Bonsai Kidz Playschool is an independent playschool which is founded on the international standards for daycare, nursery and preschool facilities for kids. It is not just a playschool but also a place where children will be introduced to a progressive educational system based on a holistic and fun methodology.

Bonsai Kidz provides a safe, happy and sociable environment for children aged between 1 to 6 years.  

Our aim at Bonsai Kidz is to nurture our children like the delicate and beautiful Bonsai plants and apply the principles of Bonsai culture in cherishing their growth and ultimate development of their disciplines, life and attitude. The bonsai principle is implemented in cultivating a balance in the child’s mind and daily life which will develop his or her logic and imagination.

We pride ourselves on creating a homely and fostering environment for your child, where they will be happy and enjoy their time with us.


Bonsai Kidz believes in giving every child personal attention in their learning. The goal is to be influential in the complete development of the child’s social, emotional, physical and educational requirements – furthering the child’s ability to cope with life and his or her surroundings


Our curriculum is built on international standards with inputs from seasoned educationists and child psychologists. The curriculum is structured so as to help children in developing skills and knowledge to enter into the primary school system.


The Bonsai Kidz Preschool is located at Pooja Garden.  The building has 3 spacious rooms, an outdoor play area and a terrace garden, where children can engage in gardening activities and connect with nature.