The Facilities

The Bonsai Kidz Preschool is located at Pooja Garden, K. Channasandra. The newly constructed building is surrounded by greenery and is ensconced in a calm and serene cul de sac.

The building has 3 spacious rooms, an outdoor play area and a terrace garden, where children can engage in gardening activities and connect with nature.
The location has absolutely no traffic and is totally secure.

Facilities & Features:
  • A faculty who are trained and certified by the NTT
  • Theme based classrooms and activity area CCTV secure
  • Caretakers who come from traditional areas with strong maternal and cultural values
  • Purified drinking water
  • Bunker beds provided for Daycare kids for nap time.
  • Van pick up and drop facilities (Will be charged on actuals)
  • Access to first aid and medical assistance
  • Ready to combat any fire accident
  • For every 15 children, there will be a teacher and a care taker (15:1:1)