Bonsai Kidz Playschool is registered with department of public instruction, government of Karnataka since April 2016. The pre-school is under ISO 9001 pre-certification for administration and operational excellence.

The playschool is founded and run by Mrs. Shalini Naresh, who has extensive experience in teaching, organizing and conducting craft and sports activities for children from primary to secondary levels. She is also certified in Abacus.

Playschool is academy centre for NTT and NPTT courses {Regd. by Govt. of NCT (New Delhi)}

Bonsai Kidz Playschool follows the educational philosophy based on 21st century curriculum. Bonsai Kidz adheres to all the relevant Montessori and preschool standards. At Bonsai Kidz, we are invested in following child psychology standards to encourage positive physical and mental development of our children. Every aspect of continuous innovation and preschool teaching methods will be introduced in helping your child’s overall development.

Mission Statement

We are imbibed in providing our children knowledge, abilities and values to become a better individual who can grow up to handle the challenges of life. Our approach towards our children revolves around individual instruction, deriving from an international curriculum in an enjoyable classroom environment.

The aim is to ensure that every child who comes to our playschool will have the ability to cope with future educational demands as well as enough life skills to lead a confident life.

Our vision for our children:

  • Help them develop confidence and ability to express
  • Nurture them to build focus and perseverance
  • Instil self-discipline and direction
  • Develop social skills and good behaviour
  • Guide them towards positivity and learning
  • Nurturing curiosity imagination and creativity.